Still Learning React Hooks

Hooks let you extract component logic into reusable functions. They’re like the Swiss Army Knife of common class-based React logic for your functional components.

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Side Note: Always look through official docs first. In this article I cover my own experience with React Hooks. But I know someone on a similar path.

So why this…

Things I want to accomplish in this Higher Order Function tutorial:

  1. Introduce newbies to the idea of Higher Order Function in JavaScript.
  2. (In a way that entertains, because HOs can get quite boring.)
  3. Show fun animations explaining how Higher Order functions work.

JavaScript Grammar book explains higher-order functions in detail…

So which one is better? Grid or Flex? When to use which? What are the differences? For me, I see both as fundamentally different ways of thinking about layout design. I don’t think one as better or worse than the other. It is common to use them together.

Or you can just where I share more of my tutorials.

This is not a comprehensive study. Just key differences I found.

There may even be some mistakes I overlooked (let me know if you find.)

All diagrams were taken from my book.

JavaScript Teacher (Incognito)

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