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  • Daniela Dols

    Daniela Dols

  • William Thead

    William Thead

    Top relationships writer | Overthinker | This is where I write about things that I find difficult to talk about IRL. willtheadstoic@gmail.com

  • Kara Lissy

    Kara Lissy

    I’m an LCSW and a psychotherapist in NYC. I write about self-care and personal growth. Feel your feels! :) kara@agoodplacetherapy.com // IG: @kara_bout_yourself

  • Dylan Cairns

    Dylan Cairns

    | @ga alumni | developer | cat connoisseur | music snob

  • Raphaël DAMEVIN

    Raphaël DAMEVIN

    French junior front-end developer - 🥦📱🌍

  • Svitlana Milyan

    Svitlana Milyan

  • Pilar Camargo Márquez

    Pilar Camargo Márquez

    👩🏾‍💼 UI/UX Designer and Researcher || Frontend Developer || Multimedia Engineering Student 👩🏾‍💻

  • Daniel Silva

    Daniel Silva

  • Jonas Ellison

    Jonas Ellison

    Not here on Medium much anymore. Head over to my Substack to see the latest: jonasellison.substack.com 👍🙏🤙

  • Dhaval Nagar

    Dhaval Nagar

    AWS Serverless Hero, 12x AWS, 2x GCP, CKAD, Docker Certified, Founder @ AppGambit

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