Good point, but it might take a while to settle. I’m already seeing game developers experiment with this. Hopefully it takes off, because making native apps in JavaScript would be so awesome.

If this happens you would no longer have to depend on $99/year Apple Developer license for publishing your game in iTunes. That might be a hard battle to win, but it was Apple who in the beginning wanted to support native application development using web-based tools… so it might happen.

My free React JS course starts with Tutorial 1:

I just made this React JS tutorial, which is part of a longer course I am working on.

I’ve been approached by Manning Publications because they saw my other JavaScript tutorials on YouTube, but I turned down the offer and decided to make something available for free.

React is catching a momentum right now, and many developers are looking for this type of material.

Issues. Every webdev has them. Published author of CSS Visual Dictionary few others…